We were dropping
bottles from a rooftop.

Brick smeared across your shoulders,
windows wound all boa about your neck,
rust and yellow in a flashed arabesque.

Such a slurred reflection.

But before the sidewalk shatter,
before the dull slap of labels
heavy with glue and broken glass,
before the sweeps made cleaner streets,

There was that redolent pause,
that brief and brittle down,
that was falling.

Image: chuttersnap on Unsplash

13 Thoughts

  1. I love this! Strong stuff, and vivid imagery. It takes you where it all happened; and I wish it’s not what I think it was. I love the little details in the description!


  2. Mae,

    Thankfully, this poem is not about what you have alluded. Once there was a boy and a girl – so poorly matched – that found themselves in a brief but energetic romance. Then there was a poem…


  3. I love writing and reading stories of poeple. I mean what’s not to love? Stories? Beautiful! People? Extraordinary! I stand by what I always say. You are a master of trascendence my friend. Your pen is magic, it takes you there. Kuods! I loved this very much. 🎈


    1. Thank you Mae. I am humbled by and appreciate your comment. I am in a bit of dry spell at the moment, so I am revisiting and revising a few OLD poems that are yellowing in a folder, in the file cabinet.


      1. So am I, my friend…But revising is productive too! A dry spell can be useful, you finally have the time to piut all your ducks in a row. Just a tad scary. You know how dogs think you’ve abandon them forever every time you the leave the house? That’s how I feel when my inspiration leaves my brain! I hope it comes back to me soon. As for you there is no doubt that it will!
        Happy poetic nip and tuck!


  4. Hiya Brock, I am a virgin to the site – just it sit idle while cramming WOL. I like this poem as it is that sense of immediacy and forensic quality that comes through in your work! Thanks for following me too…

    1. Hello, Ray,

      I noticed you hadn’t populated this space, but in case you do, I wanted to make sure you showed up in my feed. I’ve been prowling around WoL to keep up with my favorite writers there, never logging in, just reading. I enjoyed your “Death of Words” piece immensely. It is very well-written and heartfelt.


  5. Hi Devon all good. I’ve had an account ror a while but now will start posting in earnest. That poem was written in disgust so I’m glad it worked for you!

    1. Ray, that disgust came through loud and clear. I am glad you’ll start posting over here. So many of us already are. It seems like the fam has moved to a new part of town.


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