Now Wed November

Another month, I love you:those herringbone eyes,those winks of lacethat stutter the sky and beguile. I was all in your palms then,held fast and humid,perched on a breath,on your low-hilled lips. But I was green then and letched,inept to your thirty one forms of love,adept at drinking in your thirty one dews,giving nothing at all.... Continue Reading →

Mara – Rendering a Dream

Tobacco tar walls, Resin ceiling, Dun carpet floor - all receding - creased receding to the elevator door - and the doors - the doors - the endless doors repeating. I drop a penny. I squat but it's tails. I look up at a girl looking up. Her hair is black, tangled comely. She has... Continue Reading →

Worse Yet in a Vase

Sheathed in a concrete calyx, a flower, a generation folded in upon itself, waits the horrors of the sun. These petals once unfurled, fell upon by hard rains and scorch care not, I am told, the grim and arrowed planting, but brace against the stem of the next blossom, for none, I am told, hold... Continue Reading →

A Brief Tryst Below Cypress

She was a slim volume really, a short read, an afternoon in shades of cypress, conceived on her own costly parchments. She prefaced a day a warning, that if any eye should scan her lines to her own bleak skin, to her own terse margins, to the limbs akimbo nonsense implied by her scrawling, there... Continue Reading →

23.5 Degrees

It is not inconceivable some smeared and blind thing, like hail or perhaps some top spun cue ball, maybe some blunt beaked bird wary of our passage, or a bullying stone, unchaperoned in a spiraling sandbox, or a slap to the back of the head by the swift palm of a correcting mother for some... Continue Reading →

Light Provides It Time

Do not blame a shadow's silence nor the bark of the night side tree, lit by a moon now full but still, standing on the dark side we. Light was never yours nor mine to hold, and neither does the darkness hold what we will never know. Rally round the maypole boys, weave the ribbon... Continue Reading →

In the Brisk and Soon Forbidding

Apple tree - drip candy from the highest bough. The last robins shit mulberry down. The woolybear wanders the pavements briefly, then recedes, stretched, compressed into a redemption of leaves. Rabbits are fat now and bounding. Squirrels have nuts in a bind, sequestered. But morning don't want me today. Airs gone thin to the bone.... Continue Reading →

A Small Treatise on Poesy

Gimme swill, not one for smooth liquors, I cannot fathom velvet. Jigger me a burlap, stir me a drink in low thread counts, course cottons and twill. My throat itches for wool and stiff denims. My throat itches for loose weaves, warped lazy on a loom, distilled with a towel, stiff on a rail in... Continue Reading →

3740 North Clark

I am stuck between Sweatro and Gingerman, stuck out by the dumpsters, piss, and toothed butts, scrubbing concrete for roaches, hands stung out with brown shards of Michelob bottles between shots and lines. I am stuck in the batlamp, stuck in the felt, stacked like quarters by the rail, waiting my turn at the game,... Continue Reading →

Third Grade Reading Class

Mrs. Ringenroth taught us a sorta furrowed brow, squint-eye kinda readin'. Makes ya look all intelligent, scannin' the horizon of a line for them steepled ascenders and dots like dead crows stuck on a cloud. The educated boy don't move his lips. The educated boy, dry-eyed, gets hung up in the crease closest to the... Continue Reading →

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