Burnt in the steam of crab, there was no in your eyes. There was no on your fingers, peeling the apron, splitting the shell, scraping the devil, digging the claw for meat. I found someone came like a mallet, but it was you walked away, bored in youth, bored in the shell of love, met […]

Now Wed November

Another month, I love you: those herringbone eyes, those winks of lace that stutter the sky beguile. I was all in your palms then, held fast and humid, perched on a breath, on your low-hilled lips. But I was green then and letched, inept to your thirty forms of love, adept at drinking your thirty […]

Two for the Tiller

Alarm snatched pennies from my eyes, slapped snooze three times but morning comes a’ wailin’. Didn’t know I was alive, but the dog is twitchin’ at my thighs, all welp and runnin’. There be copper on the rise, uvula flap like some storm, insecure, screenin’ gnats and punch moth. There might be coffee and two […]

Mara – Rendering a Dream

Tobacco tar walls, Resin ceiling, Dun carpet floor – all receding – creased receding to the elevator door – and the doors – the doors – the endless doors repeating. I drop a penny. I squat but it’s tails. I look up at a girl looking up. Her hair is black, tangled comely. She has […]

Worse Yet in a Vase

Sheathed in a concrete calyx, a flower, a generation folded in upon itself, waits the horrors of the sun. These petals once unfurled, fell upon by hard rains and scorch care not, I am told, the grim and arrowed planting, but brace against the stem of the next blossom, for none, I am told, hold […]

A Brief Tryst Below Cypress

She was a slim volume really, a short read, an afternoon in shades of cypress, conceived on her own costly parchments. She prefaced a day a warning, that if any eye should scan her lines to her own bleak skin, to her own terse margins, to the limbs akimbo nonsense implied by her scrawling, there […]

23.5 Degrees

It is not inconceivable some smeared and blind thing, like hail or perhaps some top spun cue ball, maybe some blunt beaked bird wary of our passage, or a bullying stone, unchaperoned in a spiraling sandbox, or a slap to the back of the head by the swift palm of a correcting mother for some […]