Damp Roads and Vinyl Bygones

Nothing more than wiper slap - smear light on a dirty windshield, starbusting streetlamps through pitted glass sliding greasy on the bridge: Every billboard passed, every sign, every whine, every slumped leaning off ramp neighborhood, a blurred jagged vision of what it is, what it was, what it might be, gone. Though some hazy refracted,... Continue Reading →

The Leavening

The bereaved must sing to the passed, must wail upon the deaf skies our frailty. Given just moments upon this crust, like toothsome bread to savor until swallowed, we must praise the bakers their craft. There is not a noise we make more truthful than the chewing: soft crumb yielding to the jaw. Put an... Continue Reading →

The Upstroke Of Lightning

A smattering chatter revealed the prophet to be a fool - a beggar - a panderer to fear - for bread, mercy or perhaps, if luck ensued - loose coin, too much a pittance for counting. And upon the city, the Lord of Wraths, expunged of fatherly duties, crushed upon his children, the light that... Continue Reading →

Ornithology of Perception

Iridescence on the neck of the boat-tailed grackle is a trick of light. Much the same as the swirled acid rainbow slitherings of oils on water - slick - metallic the call. Much the same as the prismed arches, aloof, heavy airs slashed by gut level blades of low suns - never there, but chaste... Continue Reading →

Dawn Breaks Hesitant

Stumbling into morning, vague, unremarkable, perhaps befitting a glance, or a glancing blow to the jaw. Stay cool in the thunder room, soft pressures of mine and mine alone, impugned with the round ticks in a chipped cup thick with lip and quivers. Vague, unremarkable, perhaps befitting a glance or a glancing blow to the... Continue Reading →

The First Apple

Her eyes fold gently as she takes bits of honeycrisp from my fingertips - the first from the tree, still hard, tart, warm in the thick after rain, hinting at cinnamon. Her usual distractions, squirrel on wire, bobbing heads of neighbor girls on trampolines, lifting reigns of monarchs and viceroys, mourning cloaks, slamming doors, jumbled... Continue Reading →

Now She Calls It Sorrow

She put willow switches knotted bits of string and fear sharper corners of gumwrapper chain and the long stuff of regret into a pasteboard guitar case and threw it in the trunk On Northerly Island she took one last look at the skyline mocked on Lake Michigan like the stillborn wave of a tune nobody... Continue Reading →

Splattershot #2

Stars don't look hard on the ground, careless as a sesame seed garnish on a plate of hog gristle and fork spun intestine with bang bang sauce. Fuck this noise. The fog tastes like static. Burnt umber wind in the sails, is dragging this beast nowhere, bow down in asphalt: blacked out and unsurprising. Clean... Continue Reading →

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