Shadow Remains

Shadow remains the bones of us,
the gray and pitted snows of us,
piled on the north of us.

Thus evading
the burgeoning rain and bloom,
shadow remains
deep into June –
and soon reveals
the stain of us.

As if imploring
the weather’s remove,
to soothe the rigid
and impure smooth,
a mock of ice
maintains the grooves
and proves the melting
dusk of us.

And all that fell
clean, unique,
is crushed among
the flakes that seek
to fall upon the plain, the peak,
and shape the shadowed
drifts of us.

Image: Jessica Fadel on Unsplash

9 Thoughts

    1. Thank you, Lance,

      This piece has been in the works for some time. I hoped to generate more of a mood, a feeling, something that pings the readers’ minds into whatever they make of it.


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