The Leavening

The bereaved must sing to the passed,
must wail upon the deaf skies our frailty.

Given just moments upon this crust,
like toothsome bread to savor until swallowed,
we must praise the bakers their craft.

There is not a noise we make
more truthful than the chewing:
soft crumb yielding to the jaw.

Put an ear to the loaf to hear
the children’s song of the womb
in faint wisps of steam and contraction.

Yes, the bereaved must sing,
must wail upon the crust and the crumb,
must howl upon each sawn slice,
must sob, perhaps stoic and silent,
upon the torn, chewed and swallowed frailty.

Image: Mike Kenneally on Unsplash

5 Thoughts

  1. Beautiful and intricate as always Devon! You’ve taken it to the next level. How do you do it? So complex, so profound. I liked it on wordpress, I’m just waiting for inspiration to strike and write a decent poem before I launch it. I have a question. Are we allowed to post poems that we have previously posted on WoL? Copyright is with us right? I’m thinking maybe Inshould choose a good piece and start from there until I come up with something truly good.
    Thanks for sending me this! I loved it!
    As soon as I launch I will comment as well!

    Cheers 🎈


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    1. Thanks Mae,

      Yes, you own the stuff on WoL. Feel free to move the poems over. That is what I’m doing while I wait as well. It also gives me a chance to revise.

      I have to head to work now, so I’ll catch up with you later. Have a good day.


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