Ornithology of Perception

Iridescence on the neck
of the boat-tailed grackle
is a trick of light.

Much the same
as the swirled acid
rainbow slitherings
of oils on water –
slick – metallic
the call.

Much the same
as the prismed arches,
heavy airs slashed
by gut level
blades of low suns –
never there, but chaste
and chased by the eye.

The blue jay hoards
no pigment blue,
but gray conspires
the barbules,

to lift the remains
of the speckled shell
under any light or lack,
slackened back,
flashed on limbs and wire:

back to the clutch,
back to the hatch,
back to the wide red cups,
back to the ratcheting call –
the screech of young things turning


Image: Joakim Honkasalo on Unsplash

7 Thoughts

    1. Thank you Lance. I appreciate your comments. The first and second drafts of this just never came around , never alighted on the fence. I do hope this revision brings it home.

  1. For those that do not know or are unacquainted with the work of Devon Brock I would heartily advise that you indulge yourself in his writing. He is one of my four favourite living poets. His incredible ability to describe a moment in time down to the tiniest minute detail has always been one of my most favourite thing about his writing. This is a very talented man who has shared many a moment of moving, atmospheric emotion with us over the past year. If you like poetry, if you like Americana, but most of all if you just like raw talent, keep reading.

    J. x

    1. Jason,
      I am truly humbled by this review. I honestly do not know how to respond except, thank you. As you know, poetry is not an art form that reaches a wide audience these days, we simply throw our voices to the wind hoping someone will hear. To know that you have been touched by my scribblings is a deep honor. And I am ever so grateful.


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