Shoeshine (lessons from Satch) – A Memoriam

Stay outta the business. Shine.
Quarters on corners and barbershops shine.
From one to a son gone clean outta Coney,
From one to a son this is yours.

Just the right schmear of Kiwi – brown,
oxblood, or black – now let it dry down.
Make noise on the weather,
shuffle through the box,
for that finger-worn camel,
that’s the stuff and the knocks,
gonna keep your head on the ground.

Buff it hard. Buff it hard –
the camel hair yields to a beat.
Whether wingtip or loafer,
when you take this job over,
give sweat to each shoe that you meet.

Chamois round the heel boy,
be quick and swinging,
Roll over the upper, whistling, singing.

Now finish with a crack,
and a thank you jack,
take your quarter with nod
and a wink.

Photo: pa/akg

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