Cloud came no closer than that, but I tried. Emboldened and primate I tried. Scurried up the elm to bring night closer. But the limbs got thinner, thinner there and sapling. Shit, the stars are wounds, and the moon’s a gaping. And what swoons below is a lark, a laugh and a flaking, like skin […]

She Drew Me Thin

I am the stickman you drew as a kid, the one you flipbooked on the corners of every Christmas catalogue that hogged your time and pencil. Oh how smooth you drew me – and thin. And I remember when you gave me a bike, rolled me right off the page, right there at the hardwares […]

The Varying Wills

God willing, I’ll find my own way down to the rust caverns, down to the dust and seared calcite, stressed and cleaved, God willing. And God willing I will make a trance of us, a Pan of us, all musics, impromptus and guile. God willing. And God willing we will take the rain in our […]

The Surrogate

Was thinking of you as I pissed the chardonnay out, black exile to sewage. Was thinking of you and the trusts – thrice taken that garner no warmth, but shudder my torso in the steam of it. And then, Soft-bodied and filament, a spider reared up, pin-legged, from behind the tank, and topped the unset […]

Come Dinnertime

They hung laundries like prayers, these women, there, new to pants, between Beechfield and Brisbane. And all the actions were in the alley, the zipper between, where we, young thuggeries in our dungarees, plied bicycle trades on summer days. Even flies shunned our manes. Fists and spit and baseball cards. Skates and snakes and fenced-in […]

A Crow on the Road

I ain’t seen no crow do no killin’, never in a day. Shit, they ain’t even a squabble. I seen a lot a’ crows on a lot a’ roads, courteous as squaredance, bobbin’ over coon, skunk, whatever red, always cool to clear the way and wait fer a passin’. I ain’t seen no dead crow […]