She chucked herself from the library,Five stories blind and hung briefly.I heard it from a friend. Laura’s dead.She found three dead boys,Hung from cable and that broke her,He said. We threw empty sixteensFrom the roof where we gathered,Spoke each a shattered dreamRushed upon the pavement,One,Upon another.The sidewalk gleamedIn all the shards of Laura,Green and Amber, […]


Come, O Love for down the vale,Where moonlight frocks the lovers’ tale,Where moonlight mulls the staves of treesAnd shreds the fuschia from the leaves. Come, O Love for down the vale,Where cleave and stumble long prevail,And woolen grass reveals the pressOf all that slept there shorn of dress. Come down the vale for it is […]

Snowblind at 5 a.m.

Whiteout on 250,shallow shouldered,deep ditched,straight as dopeand piped icing.The wind knows the waybut canters,canters and dragsthis crate south,south into the beamsof some some othersad fuck bent to the clockand near death for a dime,for a mortgage,and some otherscrewed adherence. Image: Aditya Vyas on Unsplash

The Tethered Moon

To give us naught but bleak display,To say, to say,Love has never tethered moonThat way,That heather never blooms but braysTo drop the stars in sage and grays. And in this flash hewn verdance sent,Aghast the sea in violet vent,Abhors the virgin-singed regret,This skirmish lost though never met. And where upon a furrowed leaf,The miner enters […]


It is the peeling that breaks me.It is the skin once a thin bastionagainst dirt, against mandible,against the boring small thingsthat blister the flesh, brown the pulp. And as I slide a blade into the onion,wincing in the sting of sulphur,these fumes of disdain, it yields,again and again, to the rocking steel,humming unto the butter […]


Cowled and eyeless,The slouched friar on a slow muleDispenses Gospel to the road.In the shallow fords and mountain clingsHe loafs, the hooves of the muleSure, certain as bread and crisp water. And after a bend, a scent – a smoke –Affording comfort, at least for a moment –A shack to weather the evernight.And there, before […]

The Felling

When the lastsoftpoplarfell,and the bluejays – the bluejays –rolled out; When the mangled nestspilled outthese mouths,these bentfeatheredtufts; When the chainsaw stilledits shriek and whir; When thick air closedabout us; When the larger jaysswept off the elmand veined away –blue lines on a blue sky,blue abandon in a blueeye; It was then,in the clearing of dead […]